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About Craftmantra

What is Craft Mantra?

Craft Mantra is a premium Art & Life Style Store that brings to your home exquisite hand crafted lifestyle products from around the globe. Our approach is unique, fresh and wholesome. You dream of a theme and we provide you with an entire suite of products that can convert your home into an artistic paradise. We envision empowering our patrons by giving entire palettes to choose from to colour their dreams. In very simple words, we can create as vivid an image of the Zulu culture in your living room as we can recreate Benaras. All you need to do is dream. Dream BIG!

Management Team

Craft Mantra was conceptualized by a team of professionals who are very passionate about buying & promoting handcrafted products. The partners of this entity have been associated with manufacturing and selling such products for more than 15 years and have a deep understanding of this space. Our parent company Pebble Media has been in the e-commerce & online advertising business for a long time. Therefore all such synergies position us quite favorably in order to provide every individual a choice of the best handcrafted lifestyle products.